Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I know which centre to apply to?

The regional centre that you apply to depends on where you are studying. For example if you are a London based student you would apply to the South Centre and if you are a Manchester based student you would apply to the Midlands Centre. Click on the YFD UK Regions section to find out more about each center.

2 How do I apply?

You can apply either by following the instructions on the Competition 2022 page. Or by contacting your regional center directly.

3 Can I apply independently or do I have to apply through my school/college?

You can apply both independently and / or through your school/college. If you are selected for the Finals, you will however, need to be accompanied by an adult - either a parent or guardian, or teacher.

4 My course isn't listed, how do I know if I can apply?

If you aren't sure if you can apply on the course that you are on, the best thing to do is to ask the contact at your regional centre.

5 Do I have to create new pieces of work for YFD UK?

No you do not have to create new pieces of work, the competition is designed for all students to enter the current coursework that they are working on. If you would like to add to this then that is for you and your teacher to make the decision. Take a look at the photographs in our Gallery and Previous Winners pages to see the sort of work that our Finalists have had success with.

6 How do I enter and what do I need to send in? Can I enter my existing coursework?

To enter please see the Competition 2022 page.

7 How will I know if I have been shortlisted?

You will be notified by the contact from your regional centre that you applied with eg RGS Worcester and Kent College Pembury. These host schools will also be the venues of the Finals and prize giving so you must ensure that you are able to get to these schools on the Final dates. To check these dates click on the regional centre that applies to you.

8 What do I need to bring to the Finals?

You will need to bring originals of the work that you entered with your application and all finished garments must be presented on a mannequin. Each finalist will have their own 'display station' consisting of a table and tabletop cardboard display panels. Feel free to add as much creativity to your stand as possible and ensure that your work is clearly displayed for the judges to see. You are welcome to bring tablets/laptops with slideshows or further images of work but the responsibility of bringing this type of resource lies with you. To get ideas about the sort of work that has been on display at YFD UK over the past few years click on our gallery and previous winners pages.

9 How does the judging process work?

Once the entry deadline has passed, the judges will select the shortlist of students who will be invited to attend the Finals with their work. Finalists will each be given a certain amount of time to prepare their displays and judging will start at a time to be decided on by the regional centre. The judges will assess each finalists work in pairs or teams and will ask the student various questions about the brief and the work, referring to the marking criteria that they will have been given. Judges will take notes and will look through folders and the work you have on display before coming together as a judging panel to decide on the winning students . You are welcome to ask the judges questions that you may have during the day and this would be recommended. Make the most out of having experts on hand!

10 Can I bring family/friends to the Finals?

Yes you can and they will be invited to view your work and attend the prize giving ceremony at the end of the day. Times will be decided by the individual centre so you will need to check with your regional centre.

11 What prizes are there?

There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners for each category eg A LEVEL/GCSE. There are also runner up prizes and special judges prizes which will be awarded. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a glass trophy and prize from a kind donor. Runners up will receive a goodie bag.